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Rossetti Interior Design is based in Gippsland. We design residential spaces that are comfortable, personal and interesting. By offering home styling, home renovations and property styling we are the complete solution when it comes to Interior Design.

As an interior designer my mission is to create an atmosphere that reflects on who you are and who you want to be. I make your ideas into a plan and then your reality. My unique perspective of home solutions and home styling is grounded in both design, architecture and a strong sense of human character. Using my expertise in Interior Design I do home makeovers with results you never could imagined. 



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The complete solution​

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Rossetti Interior Design is all about the details. All spaces can turn into something amazing and special with the right room decor. Pieces of luxury decor like wall arts, vases, textiles and unique designs can turn a basic room design into a home of character. Decor overall is definitely an important tool for a Interiror designer like myself, in order to style and set the perfect feeling into a room or a home.


I collect unique decor from all around the world, that will make a great impact in your home.

It’s different, it’s substantial, it’s Luxury Decor. 

Need decorations for your home?